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Advantages and Disadvantages of Spray-on Tans

Usage of Tanning Spray

What do you know about spray tan? Why should one apply it on their body when visiting beaches in summer?

Well, body tanning is the first most concern among many people who are very fair and who are a little dark. Although there are many conversations regarding the pros and cons of spray tanning that is just a sunless tanning product used to protect your skin from harmful sun rays that result in many skin diseases if left unobserved.

Hence, it is very necessary to research about this product that is a great alternative to protect your skin from dark tanning and experience any sudden risk of irritation or allergy.

However, the pros and cons of spray tans entirely depend on the usage of the product that is part of every individual lifestyle when they decide to spend some time under the sun concerning cost, health risks, and their convenience. But also be careful about the pros and cons of fake tan as it can ruin your skin texture and cost you more for its treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Spray Tans:

Every spray tan comes with artificial colorants that are harmless and protect you with UV rays that may cause damage to your skin. The Spray tan is usually made up of DHA material which is a safe product to apply on skin and approved by FDA. However, it is important to keep away from the reach of children and exposure to eyes and sudden fumes that make your breathing hell. This product alone is not that effective to protect you under the sun; you also need to put sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself.

Spray tans are beneficial to use as even coverage to apply on your shoulders and across the nose, whereas the tanning lotions are not that effective to offer you even coverage unless you are under a professional expert who sprays it for you like in saloon.

It is observed that tanning sprays cause stains on both skin and cloth. But be cautious when using at home because it dries quickly within 15 minutes than any other tanning gels and lotions. Hence you need to wash your hands, and surrounding areas like mirror etc. immediately as it will leave stain marks on them.

spray-on tans

The main disadvantage of this spray tan is it having colorant doesn’t last many days gets fade soon. The DHA inside it fades up easily and makes your skin look dull and dead. This in return to regain your skin texture may cost you more than the spray tan which is available almost in all the leading drug stores. Hence it is advisable to first self examine on your skin whether it suits with your skin tone or not. Because within a short period it may cost you an expensive product that recommends your treatment than buying it at less price.

Why use Spray tanning products on your skin when out under sun? Well, it is stated in the above discussion that how it is useful for your skin and how it can harm your skin? It is advisable to use Spray tanning product under the supervision of a professional who knows its adverse effects to help you stay away from skin treatment that is much expensive than buying this product.