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Getting messy ponytail in just four steps

Trying your hair is always a way to tackle a look that goes flat or clearly flawed, but that does not always have to be!

Ponytails are upgraded to dive level to improve the look. No matter how long your hair is, there is ways for making a messy ponytail that you should try to shake your everyday routine and at work.

Long hair

If you have straight or wavy hair, add some sexy waves is one way to refresh your simple ponytail. Using a light mousse or gel all over your hair and curl a few framing sections on your face. Tie your hair in low pony tail, then take tiny half-inches to produce subtle waves in the male with the curling iron.

The messy bun, still at the same wavelength as the wavy low ponytail, is yet another variation on the same subject. The trick around the noisy bun is to make sure it mixes well with the rest of your head. Make sure you do not only get a bump out of your head and use pins in strategic positions. Once the low cheese is secured and the waves are formed, twist and use the elastic to create the bun. Take strategic pieces from the bowl and pin them to your head to create a more complete bowl.ponytail

Medium hair

Do not assume that the ideal ponytail is just for long haired games, the advantages of funkier styles are your medium-length locks. The advantages of layers are developing styles of facial framing pieces. The stylish ponytail is one style to try. Straighten your hair and tie the back of your head and use hairspray to make sure that the ends are straight. The side braid is another great style for medium hair length with layers. Make a short braid on the neck and finish on the front. Take some framing parts of the face and the look is full!

Short hair

Although most people who have short hair do not pull the traditional pony tail, there are ways to do the same. One suggestion to try is the amount of pompadour. Spritz and stitch your hair right behind where your hair or bangs start and then fix your bangs over the teased hair. Protect your hair with pins on your head crown, and make a low pony tail for the rest of your hair. This vamped rocker style is another variation which adds excitement to the traditional ponytail.